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Following are a list of resources for you that may (or may not) be helpful for you. They cover a range of things, especially plugins and extensions that we commonly use for WordPress and Joomla sites, and links to pages for templates and themes.

Note, some of these links are affiliate links – so we get a small kickback – but we have still only added resources that we have found useful ourselves. Whether you choose to go through the affiliate link or just google the sites yourself is up to you. (For us, every added bit of revenue helps to pay for all sorts of useful things like swimming and TaeKwonDo lessons for the girls!) 🙂



My favourite theme is Divi from Elegant themes.


themeforest-light-backgroundThemeforest offers a range of WordPress themes and Joomla templates, as well as a host of other offerings – Themeforest


 Extensions & Plugins


ECWID is a great e-commerce solution that can be stand alone, or integrated into a WordPress or Joomla website, and also into Facebook –


iThemes have a range of awesome plugins for WordPress and the one we couldn’t live without is BackupBuddy. This plugin enables easy backups and migrations and repairs. It is USD$80 for two site licene, but that small amount could save you a lot of time and stress if something goes wrong with your site –


Get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.