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SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITES = Big ideas + small budget

We know how it is, we are one!! While having an internet presence is essential for most small businesses (and other small organisations), having the budget to invest in one isn’t always easy. You need a website to make money but you need money to get a website! Many small businesses just don’t know where to start, and inevitably end up being ripped off for some crappy little site that they don’t even like. That’s where Web Babble comes in – with a great small business website.

Web Babble concentrates on small business websites Рsimple, effective, affordable websites Рwith or without the flashy stuff  Рand explained in language you can understand. From a basic site for the local kindergarten to customised solutions for business, we can cater to your taste and your budget.

Packages can be customised to your specific requirements and budget.

And if you already have a website and need help with fixing or maintaining it, I can help you with that as well.


After a bit of a hiatus due to Covid and home-schooling, I am back online and taking on clients again. I am also refreshing my website and my offerings, so please don’t judge my professional abilities on the state of this website. I spend my time on client websites rather than my own.

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St Mary’s Sharks Basketball Club Inc.